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The Eastern Ontario region contains a variety of waterfalls. They range from a number of very small ones near Lake Ontario to larger, wilder ones in the interior. Waterfalls in the south and east are developed on flat-lying limestones, while those further north are on the Canadian Shield.

One of the easiest tours is to see the falls at Almonte, and then drive down the Mississippi River to Blakeney Rapids, and the picturesque little Falls at Pakenham. Proceed to the rugged falls at Bonnechere Falls, and then finish off upstream at Fourth Chute.

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County: Frontenac
Bedford Mills Cascade Devil Lake to Loon Lake 2 Small Roadside Only
Kings Chute Mississippi River 2 - Remote
Kings Falls Mississippi River 2 - -
Kingston Mills Falls Cataraqui River 2 Medium Easy
Lower Brewers Falls Cascade Rideau Canal 1 Very Small Moderate
Marble Rapids Mississippi 1 Very Small Moderate
Ragged Chute Mississippi River 3 - Remote
Whitefish Rapids Mississippi River 1 - -
County: Hastings
Belleville Rapids Moira River 2 Very Small Easy
Big Chute Little Mississippi 2 - Remote
Callaghans Rapids Crowe River 1 Very Small Moderate
Chisholms Mills Moira River 2 Small Easy
Egan Chute York River 3 Medium Moderate
Farm Chute York River 3 - -
High Falls near Actinolite Skootamatta River 2 - Remote
High Falls near Birds Cr York River 3 - -
High Falls near Maple Leaf Papineau Creek 2 - -
Jelly's Rapids - 3 - -
McArthur Falls Little Mississippi River 2 Small Roadside Only
Neuman Falls Papineau Creek 3 Small Roadside Only
Ohara Mill Spillway Deer Creek 1 Small Moderate
Price Rapids Skootamatta River 2 Small Moderate
Robinson Falls - 2 - Remote
The Big Chute Little Mississippi River 2 - Remote
The Gut Crowe River 3 Medium Moderate
Triplebee Falls - 2 - Remote
County: Lanark
Appleton Rapids Mississippi River 2 Small Easy
Arklan Rapids Mississippi River 1 Very Small Easy
Blakeney Rapids Mississippi River 2 Small Moderate
Carleton Place Cascade Mississippi River 1 Small Everyone
Grand Falls, Almonte Mississippi River 3 Medium Easy
Mill Falls at Almonte Mississippi River 2 Medium Roadside Only
Old Slys Locks Cascade Rideau 1 - -
Smiths Falls Rideau River 1 Medium Easy
Tay Rapids Tay River 1 Very Small Everyone
County: Leeds and Grenville
Jones Falls Waste Weir Rideau River (Whitefish L. to Sand L.) 2 - -
County: Lennox and Addington
Babcock Mill Cascade - 1 Very Small Easy
Crooked Slide Rockingham Creek 2 - -
Flinton Falls Skootamatta River 2 Small Easy
Forest Mills Salmon River 2 Small Moderate
Millhaven Falls Millhaven Creek 2 - -
Napanee Falls Napanee River 2 Medium Easy
Newburgh Falls Napanee River 1 Very Small Easy
Yarker Falls Napanee River 2 Medium Roadside Only
County: Northumberland
Campbellford Rapids Crowe River 1 Small Moderate
Crowe Bridge Rapids Crowe River 2 Small Moderate
Healey Falls Trent River 4 Large Easy
Port Hope Rapids Ganaraska 1 Very Small Easy
Ranney Falls Trent River 3 Medium Moderate
County: Ottawa
Cardinal Creek Falls Cardinal Creek 2 - -
Chaffeys Lock Cascade Rideau River 2 Very Small Easy
Chaudiere Falls Ottawa River 3 - Private. Do not visit without Permission from the landowner!
Fitzroy Cascade - 1 - -
Fitzroy Falls - 2 - -
Galetta Falls Mississippi River 1 Medium Roadside Only
Orleans Falls - 2 - -
Rideau Falls Rideau River 3 Large Everyone
The Hog's Back Rideau River 4 Medium Easy
County: Peterborough
Burleigh Falls Otonabee River 3 Small Easy
Cordova Falls Crowe River 3 Medium Moderate
Cordova Falls, Lower Crowe River 2 Small Moderate
Cordova Falls, Middle Crowe River 2 Small Moderate
Haultain Cascade Eels Creek 1 Small Roadside Only
High Falls near Apsley Eels Creek 2 - Remote
High Falls on Eels Eels Creek 3 Medium Challenging
Marble Rapids on Eels Eels Creek 1 Very Small Easy
Mississauga Cascade Mississauga River 1 - -
North River Cascade North River 2 - -
Perrys Creek Cascade Perry's Creek 1 Small Moderate
South Eels Creek Cascade Eels Creek 2 - -
Three Tears Rapids Eels Creek 2 - Remote
Warsaw Caves Falls Indian River 1 Small Moderate
County: Prescott and Russell
High Falls at Casselman South Nation 1 Small Moderate
County: Renfrew
Aumonds Rapids Madawaska 1 - -
Bonnechere Falls Bonnechere River 4 Medium Moderate
Exam Time Rapids Madawaska River 1 - Remote
Fifth Chute Bonnechere River 1 Small Easy
First Chute Barron River 3 - Remote
Fourth Chute Bonnechere River 4 Medium Easy
Grants Creek Falls Grants Creek 3 - -
Highland Falls Madawaska River 3 - Remote
Jacks Chute Bonnechere River 1 - -
Old Killaloe Cascade Brennans Creek 1 - -
Pakenham Falls Mississippi River 2 Small Everyone
Rifle Chute Madawaska River 1 - Remote
Second Chute Bonnechere River 2 Small Easy
Slate Falls Madawaska River 3 - Remote
Slate Falls Madawaska River 3 - Remote
Split Rock Rapids on Madawaska Madawaska River 1 - Remote
Third Chute Bonnechere River 1 - -

Important Notice! Read This!

Waterfalls can be dangerous places! People have DIED at waterfalls in Ontario. Mark Harris hereby notifies you that the inclusion of a waterfall on this web site shall in no way represent any guarantee that it is safe to be visited. You are responsible for your own safety at all times! Despite this warning, most waterfalls can be safe to visit - just use your common sense!

We are very lucky that most of our waterfalls are located on public lands. There are a few that are on private property. I have tried to avoid listing those waterfalls found on private property unless they can be seen from a public road. Mark Harris hereby notifies you that inclusion of a waterfall on this web site shall in no way represent permission to visit the property. In other words, even if a waterfall is included on this web site (or in the book), the web site or the book does not give you permission to visit. Please respect private property and do not trespass!

Remember! The physical and cultural landscape is always changing. There is no guarantee that the wording on this web site (or sites to which it links) is correct!

Also, please respect the natural environment. Take lots of pictures, but leave nothing behind. If every person that reads this page accepts the challenge to take back one piece of garbage, we can clean up all of our waterfalls in no time!

Finally, remember that the waterfalls in the northern and eastern portions of the province (as well as the Bruce Peninsula) are in bear territory. You have very little chance of ever encountering a bear. I never have. Just read up on precautions. While you're at it, learn to recognize poison ivy - that's something that I have encountered!

This is only a guide! You are responsible for yourself!
This page was prepared by Mark Harris, London, Ontario, Canada. Updated May 29, 2012. Contact me by e-mail: waterfallsofontario at (replace the "at" with @ )