Falls Reserve
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Rating: 2/5  Size: Small Access: Moderate Type: Wide Plunge

Waterfall Region: Lake Huron    County: Huron    Near: Goderich

Watercourse: Maitland River   Latitude, Longitude: 43.7177, -81.6423

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Falls Reserve is a series of very low, wide steps across the Maitland River. Each step is no more than about a meter high, but up to 100 m wide. There is not one "main" waterfall here, but it's the overall experience of hiking/wading/swimming in the river which is worth the price of admission to the Conservation Area. In late summer, the river is at very low stage and the exposed bedrock bed can be explored for several hundred metres. Access from Falls Reserve Rd off Huron Rd 15. There is another access point at Mill Rd off Hwy 8. Follow the road around the bend to a little gravel parking lot. Walk down the hill to a path on the left, and then make your way upstream to some small rapids.   (updated June 20, 2014).

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