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Buy the book! Now in its 3rd edition, the book is still availble at your local bookstore or online from Chapters.ca for the low price of $29.99.

Get descriptions and directions to over 125 of Ontario's best waterfalls. Beautiful full-page colour photos by photographer George Fischer make this just as much a coffee table book as a guide book. Click the book for more information.

Stop using your phone. Get a Wall Map!

Wall maps are available to augment the Waterfalls of Ontario BOOK and this web site. They can't replace the power of Google Maps, but they can show you the big picture!

Some customers place pins on waterfalls that they've visited. Others use stickers so they can roll their map back up.

Since real maps are cool, these can make a great conversation piece. Show your friends where you've been, or, use the map to plan your next big trip. The true waterfall fan can use a map to brighten up a bedroom or recroom wall.

Map No. 1. Southern Ontario Adventure Map

The best-selling map shows close to 450 waterfalls that are believed to be publically accessible. Most falls can be visited on foot, but some require a boat/canoe trip. The map prints at 36" by 24" (90 cm by 60 cm).

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Map No. 2. Northern Ontario Adventure Map

For the more adventurous type not afraid of distance, this map shows over 300 waterfalls north and west of Sudbury. All are believed to be publically accessible. Many can be visited on foot, but lots more require a boat/canoe trip. The map prints at 36" by 24" (90 cm by 60 cm).

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Map No. 3. Ontario's Best Roadside Waterfalls

See the best of Ontario's waterfalls all at once! The Top 50 falls are mapped and illustrated with a 2.5" (7cm) photo. This map looks busy, but things spread out nicely at the actual size of 36 by 24" (90 cm by 60 cm). A great way to brighten up a wall in your basement or rec-room.

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Map No. 4. Hamilton, City of Waterfalls

This 24" by 18" wall map shows almost all of the waterfalls in Hamilton that you can visit. Includes 2.5" wide photos of the most popular falls. At this scale, contours show us the shape of the Niagara Escarpment and many creek valleys. Something for the Hamilton waterfall fan that already has everything!

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How to Purchase

Most customers use the 'Vistaprint Option'. It's easy, reliable, and has a shipping guarantee. But there is also a budget option for frugal waterfallers.

Vistaprint Option - Easy and Reliable

Any one of Maps 1, 2 or 3 can be printed, packaged and shipped to your door for $49 (tax incl). Map 4 / Hamilton is $37.

Vistaprint.ca prints the maps on durable, semi-gloss 110-lb photo paper. This is nicer than a poster you'd buy at the mall! Maps are shipped from Vistaprint's plant in Windsor in a durable carboard tube that comes inside a shipping box. (Hamilton map shipped flat in durable box). Vistaprint will replace any goods damaged during shipping free of charge.

NOTE: Maps are "printed-on-demand" - I place an order on your behalf from Vistaprint.

To order:

Send an e-transfer with the correct amount to mark@waterfallsofontario.com. Be sure to identify which map(s) you want. There are discounts for multiple maps:
  • Any single 36" map is $49.
  • The 24" Hamilton map is $37
  • Two identical 36" maps are $84
  • Three identical 36" maps are $115.
  • Two different 36" maps are $87
  • Any combination of three 36" Maps is $121
  • You can ask for a custom subtitle on the maps. eg. See "Denise's Waterfall Adventures" in the testimonial section below.

Budget Option

You can save money if I order the map on your behalf from your local print shop. But YOU have to find a print shop, YOU have to negotiate the price and paper option, YOU have to identify the upload web site or email, YOU have to pick it up, and you don't get any guarantee about print quality (most print shops will do a good job).

Fewer people choose this option because you have to work to save money. But for example, Minuteman Press in London printed a decent poster for $17. Since I charge $10 on top of the printer's price, you would have paid just $27, instead of $49 with Vistaprint. A local printer could use paper similar to Vistaprint's 110-lb poster paper, or suggest something else. Be aware that 20-lb paper is just regular print paper that may not last.

To order with the budget option:

Send an e-transfer with the "correct amount" to mark@waterfallsofontario.com. The correct amount is the printer's price, including HST, PLUS $10 if you order one map, or PLUS $18 or $25 if you order two or three maps, respectively.

Your email to me must:
  • Identify the name of the print shop.
  • Identify the upload web site or upload email.
  • Specify which map you want, and how many copies.
  • You can ask for a custom subtitle on the map. eg. See "Denise's Waterfall Adventures" in the testimonial section below.

NOTE: I place the order on your behalf, and you pick it up.

Some Product Shots

Some Testimonials From Customers

Can Mark be trusted with my money? Will I be happy with the map? Don't take my word for it! Please look through the Facebook Group feed and ask people that have bought the map what they think.

If you like this web site, you will love the published book! Buy it at your local bookstore, or online at Chapters.

Get descriptions and directions for over 125 of the best waterfalls in Ontario. Each is illustrated by full-page colour photos by professional photographer, George Fischer.

The 262-page third edition was published by Firefly Books in 2018, and is still available for the low price of $29.99.


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  Mark Harris hereby notifies you that he makes no guarantee that the directions provided on this web site are correct, safe and/or legal.

You are responsible for yourself!

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