Marble Rapids on Eels
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   About this Waterfall
Rating: 1/5  Size: Very Small Access: Easy Type: Cascade

Waterfall Region: Eastern    County: Peterborough    Near: Apsley

Watercourse: Eels Creek   Latitude, Longitude: 44.7656, -78.0869

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Marble Rapids is a tiny waterfall located just north of the village of Apsley. Set amid a beautiful forest and framed by rounded hills of metamorphic rock, this little waterfall presents a charming scene proving that even the smallest waterfalls can be beautiful. A log frame remaining in the middle of the waterfall is likely evidence of an earlier mill or log flume once existing at this site. As late as 1953, Eels Creek was used to transport logs downstream to sawmills in Apsley and Stoney Lake.   (updated June 20, 2014).

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