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Region: Eastern | County: Lennox and Addington | River: Napanee River
This photograph taken by Gord Collins. Thanks for sharing!

This is a long, gentle cascade about 30 to 40 m long and 10 m wide near the mouth of the Napanee River, in the town of the same name. The falls is comprised of multiple little steps over thinly bedded limestone, giving the illusion of a long, gentle staircase. Likely as a check on erosion, parts of the waterfall have been edged by a concrete wall and concrete riprap. This doesn't spoil the view of the falls altogether, but does remind you that waterfalls were once seen as features to be controlled, not enjoyed in their natural state. The most unfortunate thing about this falls is that it is completely surrounded by chain link fence.
Key Facts
Block Cascade
44.2503, -76.9456
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Important Notice! Read This!

Waterfalls can be dangerous places! People have DIED at waterfalls in Ontario. Mark Harris hereby notifies you that the inclusion of a waterfall on this web site shall in no way represent any guarantee that it is safe to be visited. You are responsible for your own safety at all times! Despite this warning, most waterfalls can be safe to visit - just use your common sense!

We are very lucky that most of our waterfalls are located on public lands. There are a few that are on private property. I have tried to avoid listing those waterfalls found on private property unless they can be seen from a public road. Mark Harris hereby notifies you that inclusion of a waterfall on this web site shall in no way represent permission to visit the property. In other words, even if a waterfall is included on this web site (or in the book), the web site or the book does not give you permission to visit. Please respect private property and do not trespass!

Remember! The physical and cultural landscape is always changing. There is no guarantee that the wording on this web site (or sites to which it links) is correct!

Also, please respect the natural environment. Take lots of pictures, but leave nothing behind. If every person that reads this page accepts the challenge to take back one piece of garbage, we can clean up all of our waterfalls in no time!

Finally, remember that the waterfalls in the northern and eastern portions of the province (as well as the Bruce Peninsula) are in bear territory. You have very little chance of ever encountering a bear. I never have. Just read up on precautions. While you're at it, learn to recognize poison ivy - that's something that I have encountered!

This is only a guide! You are responsible for yourself!
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