Paresseaux Falls
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   About this Waterfall
Rating: 5W/5  Size: Large Access: Remote Type: Tall Cascade

Waterfall Region: Northeast    County: Nipissing    Near: Eau Claire Station

Watercourse: Mattawa River   Latitude, Longitude: 46.3019, -78.9722

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This is a large waterfall that would have been a major local attraction were it located next to Hwy 17. But instead, you'll have to visit this one by canoe. I haven't seen it myself, but photographs show that it is quite high, vertical and perhaps 50 m wide. With no easy road access, the number of visitors is likely to be limited, relatively speaking for such a large waterfall. If anyone does know of a footpath from the highway, I would be excited to hear about it. Please email me at mark at  (updated June 20, 2014).

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