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Waterfalls Of Ontario
Waterfall Wall Maps

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Big waterfall fan? Why not get a 36" wall map and track your progress?

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Waterfall Wall Maps

Serious waterfaller? You need a waterfall wall map! These custom 36" wall maps let you track where you've been, or plan where you want to go. A great gift for the waterfaller that has everything!

Customers pay me by e-transfer, and I order the map on their behalf from Maps comes well-packaged, on durable, semi-gloss poster paper. Vistaprint will replace any maps damaged during shipping. Frugal waterfallers can also use the budget method.

Southern Ontario

This is the most popular map. It shows over 400 waterfalls that you can visit and check off. Most can be visited by land (green dots), while a few would require canoe access (red dots).

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Northern Ontario

A map for the true adventurer. It shows over 300 waterfalls that you can visit and check off. Many can be visited on land (green), but many others would require canoe access (red dots).

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Best Roadside Waterfalls

This looks like a busy map, because it is! At 36" wide, things do spread out nicely, making this a great way to brighten up a rec-room or shop wall.

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This 24" wide map shows the best waterfalls for visiting in Hamilton, with a few photos too! Many of the smaller, seasonal waterfalls are included too. t this scale, contours show us the shape of the Niagara Escarpment and many creek valleys. Something for the Hamilton waterfall fan that already has everything else!

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How to Purchase:

Easy Method / Budget Method

Option 1) Easy and Reliable through Vistaprint

Any one of Maps 1, 2 or 3 can be printed, packaged and safely shipped to your door, taxes in, for $49.00. Map 4 / Hamilton is $37.00.

Send an email to mark at and include the correct amount as an e-transfer, your mailing address, and identify which map(s) you want.

Mark orders the map on your behalf. Customers almost always get it in 3-4 business days.

The Product: uses durable, semi-gloss, 110-lb photo paper. This is nicer than a poster you'd buy at the mall. Maps are shipped from their plant in Windsor in a durable carboard tube that comes inside a shipping box. (Hamilton map shipped flat in durable box). Vistaprint will replace any goods damaged during shipping free of charge. Most orders have arrived within 3-5 business days.

There is a discount for buying multiple maps. The total cost for the following, including tax and delivery:
  1. Any single 36" map is $49
  2. The 24" Hamilton map is $37
  3. Two identical 36" maps are $84
  4. Three identical 36" maps are $117
  5. Two different 36" maps are $87
  6. Any combination of three 36" Maps is $121
  7. All four maps are $154

I do not provide refunds. You can see what you are getting, and can ask clients on Facebook what they think. If you get a damaged product, Vistaprint will replace it.

Option 2) You Work to Save Money

You can save money if I order the map on your behalf from your local print shop. To take advantage of this option, YOU have to do the legwork, including picking up the map. But it saves you money!

Budget Instructions:
Send an email to mark at, including an e-transfer amount for the correct amount (printer's final price including tax, plus $10). Identify which map(s) you want. You must identify the name of the print shop, and must identify their upload email or web site link.

Fewer people choose this option because they have to work to save money. But, for example, Minuteman Press in London printed a great copy for $17. Since I charge $10 on top of the printer's price, you would have paid just $27, instead of $49 with Vistaprint. A local printer could use paper similar to Vistaprint's 110-lb poster paper, or suggest something else. Be aware that 20-lb paper is just regular print paper that may not last.

I do not provide refunds, as I have no way of knowing how well each print shop will do this. My limited experience is that they all do a good job.

Some Testimonials From Customers

Can Mark be trusted with my money? Will I be happy with the map? Don't take my word for it! Please look through the Facebook Group feed and ask people that have bought the map what they think.

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