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About the Book
If you like this web page, you'll love the published book! One part guide book and one part coffee table book, this is packed with 224 pages of waterfalls facts, figures, maps and great photos. Be sure to add one to your book collection - please :-)

Written by yours truly, the book is illustrated with over a hundred photographs by acclaimed photographer, George Fischer. The first edition was published in 2003 by Firefly Books of Toronto, ON. By 2010 we had sold out of all 10,000 copies, and so a second edition was published in 2011 and is still selling in stores.

Click here for a sample page from the book 

Click here for another sample page from the book.

At $29.95, it is priced perfectly as a gift for the outdoors enthusiast. You can find the book in both larger and smaller book stores throughout Ontario. You can also buy it online from sites like or

The Book gets noticed.
The book was featured in a number of newspapers when the second edition was released in 2011. This included articles in The Toronto Sun and The London Free Press..

I was also lucky enough to be interviewed on "Province Wide" with Daiene Vernile on CFTO from Kitchener.

When the 2003 edition was published, I was interviewed by Mary Ito on TV Ontario.

Our sales numbers aren't huge, but apparently having a book sell steadily in stores for over 10 years is unusual. Thanks to everyone that has supported us so far!

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