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Three Warnings
You must read and understand the following warnings before you can use this guide. Most waterfalls can be enjoyed safely by the whole family without incident. This isn't meant to scare you, but just to ensure that take a few precautions There are three main risks:

Dangers at Waterfalls
Most of the waterfalls featured on this site can be visited safely. If you are careful and stay aware of your surroundings, there is little danger. But there are some hazards that you need to be aware of. People have died at waterfalls in Ontario. All Waterfalls, even the smallest ones, present three specific risks:

There are a few other risks that you should be aware of at many sites:

Mark Harris hereby notifies you that he provides no guarantee that any site is safe to visit. You are responsible for your own safety.

Access and Private Property
We are very lucky that most of the waterfalls and rapids in Ontario are located on public lands. Most can be accessed by public trails or paths. Even some of those that are surrounded by private property can be viewed from the roadside.

But there are some waterfalls that are surrounded by private property. These should not be visited! Sometimes there will be a "No Trespassing" sign and sometimes there will be a fence. Sometimes there isn't any notification at all. Without a fence or sign, you could reasonably use the excuse "I didn't know." But an angry landowner may not accept your excuse. Fortunately, there are few sites like this. But if there is a nice pretty waterfall beside a little gazebo in someone's front yard, chances are this is private property.

I have tried to avoid including waterfalls that I know to be on private property. I make no guarantee that all the listed sites are fully "legal", but 99% of them should be.

The following waterfalls are known to be surrounded by private property, and should not be visited.

  • Dore Falls, near Wawa
  • Fagan's Falls in Parry Sound District
  • Hayward Falls in Grey County
  • Horning’s Mill Falls
  • Keefer Falls, near Owen Sound
  • Lavender Falls, near Dunedin, Simcoe County.
  • Little Canterbury Falls, near Dundas
  • Oxenden Falls, near Wiarton
  • Stephanie Falls, in Hamilton
  • Three Brothers Falls, in Haliburton
  • Washboard Falls, Hamilton
Mark Harris hereby notifies you that he makes no guarantee that any waterfall listed on this site may be legally visited. This web page does not give you the right to trespass.

Accuracy of Directions
This web page relies on Google Maps, which allows you to get customized directions from wherever you may be when planning your visit. This is a global map system that is used by millions of people every day. It isn't perfect, and from time to time, the directions may be unrealistic or just plain wrong. This should be rare. But please take a minute to study the map (and the air photo) to figure out where you are going.

** Google Maps will give you directions to drive to the road nearest the waterfall. This doesn't mean that you can just walk to the falls from this point. The property between the road and the waterfall may be private. I usually include comments on how to hike to a falls. But if I don't, you are on your own to find a legal way to access the waterfall. Sorry!

The Google directions are based on geographic coordinates. In most cases, the coordinates should be close to perfect! If not, they should get you within earshot of the falls. But it is possible that some of the coordinates are completely wrong. If you are driving a long way to find a falls, please do your research!

Mark Harris hereby notifies you that he makes no guarantee that the directions on this web site are 100% accurate and legal.

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  Warning / Disclaimer
You must read the warning / disclaimer page before relying on this web page.

  Mark Harris hereby notifies you that he makes no guarantee that it is safe to visit this waterfall.
  Mark Harris hereby notifies you that this web site does not give you permission to visit this waterfall or to trespass.

  The northern and eastern portions of the province (as well as the Bruce Peninsula) are "bear territory". Be prepared!

  Mark Harris hereby notifies you that he makes no guarantee that the directions provided on this web site are correct, safe and/or legal.

You are responsible for yourself!

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