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Let's go waterfalling!

Let's Go Waterfalling!

How to get started in this hobby, how to use this site, and how YOU can go discover your province.

Find Waterfalls

Search the waterfall inventory visually, by geographic region. Get details, directions or just read about these interesting places.

Interactive Map

Find over 600 waterfalls on a Google map. Get tips and driving directions. Growing since 2011, this is the original Ontario waterfall map, built with tips from people like you.

Safety, Ethics, Privacy

Ontario's waterfalls can be safe and legal to visit, but you do have responsibilities.

Get the book!

Full colour, 260-pages, and available from Chapters or local bookstores for $29.99. By Mark Harris and George Fischer. This is the 'waterfall bible'!

Waterfall Photography

Take better waterfall photos whether you are a beginner or an enthusiast.

Get a Wall Map!

Full-colour, 36" (90cm) maps are available for purchase. For the serious waterfall fan to track where they've been or to liven up a rec room wall.

25,000 Facebook Fanatics!

Our well-moderated Facebook group sees photos, tips and updates posted every day. Share and learn.

Legal Stuff! You are responsible for your safety and behaviour!

Mark Harris hereby notifies you that he makes no guarantee that it is safe to visit any waterfall identified on this site. Conditions can change. Always use caution. Please see more on the Waterfall Safety Page.

Mark Harris hereby notifies you that this web site does not give you permission to visit this waterfall or to trespass.

The northern and eastern portions of the province (as well as the Bruce Peninsula) are "bear territory". Be prepared!

Mark Harris hereby notifies you that he makes no guarantee that the directions provided on this web site are correct, safe and/or legal.

Please treat our public lands with respect. Please pay particular respect to First Nations lands. *We have lost access to waterfalls in Ontario because too many people have been irresponsible.

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This web site has been online in one shape or form since 1999. On numerous occasions, people have copied text passages, images and maps and claimed them as their own. This is plagiarism, and makes other projects look unprofessional and unethical. The reader eventually figures this out.
** This site does not knowingly provide directions to waterfalls that are on private property. If you are a landowner and see a waterfall listed here that is on private property, please contact me at mark AT waterfallsofontario.com