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About Cataract Falls on Credit

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Also referred to as Church's Falls or just the Cataract. The Credit River has eroded quite a deep and broad gorge here. The waterfall is a nice example of the plunge class, with a resistant caprock projecting well over top of the weaker shale below.

I haven't visited this site in a very long time. There used to be a viewing platform, but it was closed a number of years ago due to safety concerns. A new vantage area is available, but the view of the base of the falls is partly obstructed. Note that there is absolutely no parking in the village; visitors must park in the lot for the Provincial Park. The blue Meadow Trail leads from the parking lot; it takes about 20 mins.

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Some Key Facts
Region Greater Toronto
County Peel
Near Cataract
Watercourse Credit River
Watershed / % Lakes 2 / 13%
Ownership Forks of the Credit Provincial Park
Landscape Rural park
Size Medium
Type Plunge
Modification Ruins
Access Moderate
Top / Bottom Easy to view / Prohibited
Trail conditions
Hiking Time 20 min
Coordinates 43.8213,-80.0224
Site ID WOO.PEE.002
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Finding Cataract Falls on Credit


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Waterfalls of Ontario is a book!
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Waterfalls of Ontario is a book!
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