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This is a cool falls that few people know about. It is a long, low cascade on the Wakonassin River. A broad outcrop of bare rock is exposed on either side of the river during lower flows.

The final drop is only a few metres but the open nature of the immediate rocky landscape adds interest to the view. So too do the two high rocky hills on either side of the river. The one on the left is 70 m high.

Above the falls, the river forms a calm pool that is about 100 m long. Above the pool, there is another small stretch of rapids. Above the rapids, another smaller pool and then finally, another falls! The last one in the chain is the highest, although still only a modest drop.

This waterfall is coded yellow because I have no current information about road conditions. Follow West Branch Road north to the intersection with the small side road at coordinates 46.4939, -81.9623. Follow this short route about 600 m north to the waterfall. You used to be able to drive right to the end of this road, but park sooner if the road looks dicey.

Some Key Facts
Region Northeast
County Sudbury
Near Webbwood
Watercourse Wakonassin River
Watershed / % Lakes 3 / 12%
Ownership Crown Land
Landscape Wilderness, roadside
Size Medium
Type Low Cascade
Modification Natural
Access Remote
Top / Bottom Difficult / Easy to view
Trail conditions Dirt, uneven ground
Hiking Time 3 min
Coordinates 46.4989,-81.9653
Site ID WOO.SUD.030
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Waterfalls of Ontario is a book!
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Waterfalls of Ontario is a book!
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