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About Hornbeam Lake Twin Falls

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A small rapids or cascade just beyond the west end of Biggar Lake. The total fall here is just 2 m. I haven't seen this waterfall and obviously don't expect it to be sizeable. But as we all usually figure out, a waterfall doesn't have to be big to be attractive. If you've visited, please let me know what we can expect to see.

This site is also referred to as Twin Falls. At lower flow, the river splits in two and falls over a low massive ridge of bedrock in two places, about 5-10 m apart. This forms the twin falls.

I've read that people access the falls via canoe by putting in at Algonquin Access Point #1 - Kawawaymog (Round) Lake Access Point. This is still an 18 km+ paddle, and is obviously going to take a few days.

Some Key Facts
Region Northeast
County Nipissing
Near Biggar Lake
Watercourse Biggar Lake
Watershed / % Lakes 2 / 22%
Ownership Algonquin Provincial Park
Landscape Wilderness
Size Very Small
Type Cascade
Modification Natural
Access No Land-based Access
Top / Bottom /
Trail conditions Overnight Water Route
Hiking Time
Coordinates 45.941,-78.9625
Site ID WOO.NIP.037
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Finding Hornbeam Lake Twin Falls


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Visiting Hornbeam Lake Twin Falls

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