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Get descriptions and directions to over 125 of Ontario's best waterfalls. Beautiful full-page colour photos by photographer George Fischer make this just as much a coffee table book as a guide book. Click the book for more information.

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This web page was designed and prepared by Mark Harris in 2018. I live in London and am a Professional Geoscientist. You can contact me at mark AT

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I started waterfalling as a hobby in the late 1990s. It combined my interests in Ontario's geography and geology, photography, and the then-new world wide web. I uploaded my first web site in 1999, called "Waterfalls of Southern Ontario." In 2003, along with photographer George Fischer, the first edition of our book entitled "Waterfalls of Ontario" was published by Firefly Books. I updated the web site to "Waterfalls of Ontario" to complement the book.

When the second edition of our book was published in 2011, another version of the web site was uploaded. This was the first to hold the URL "". For a trip down memory lane, you can see the 2012 version of the web site at . Things sure have changed! Finally, in 2018, the third edition of the book was published. By that time, several other editions of the web site had been uploaded. The current edition of the web site is the 6th generation.

This 6th version of the web site is the most complex and pushes my meagre coding skills, as I do not use WordPress. While I plan to stick with this one for a while, in spring 2021, I began to make some subtle and not-so-subtle changes to improve the site.

You will note that I have incorporated about 100 photos that have been provided over the years by visitors this site. This page wouldn't be what it is without their generous help. Thanks everyone - you know who you are! And a special thanks to Dan Good and Jeff Dingwell for helping me to complete the HTML/CSS this time around.

If you like this web site, you will love the published book! Buy it at your local bookstore, or online at Chapters.

Get descriptions and directions for over 125 of the best waterfalls in Ontario. Each is illustrated by full-page colour photos by professional photographer, George Fischer.

The 262-page third edition was published by Firefly Books in 2018, and is still available for the low price of $29.99.


Mark Harris hereby notifies you that he makes no guarantee that it is safe to visit any waterfall identified on this site. Conditions can change. Always use caution.
  Mark Harris hereby notifies you that this web site does not give you permission to visit this waterfall or to trespass.

  The northern and eastern portions of the province (as well as the Bruce Peninsula) are "bear territory". Be prepared!

  Mark Harris hereby notifies you that he makes no guarantee that the directions provided on this web site are correct, safe and/or legal.

You are responsible for yourself!

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Visiting waterfalls can be dangerous. Mark Harris hereby notifies you that he takes no responsibilty for your safety. Inclusion of a waterfall on this site does not guarantee that it is legal to visit.

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