Waterfalls Of Ontario

   You must read the 'Terms of Use'    before using this site...    Stay safe!    Don't trespass!    Pack it out!

   You must read the 'Terms of Use'    before using this site...    Stay safe!    Don't trespass!    Pack it out!

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This site was developed by Mark Harris of London, Ontario. I am a Professional Geoscientist and have been promoting our waterfalls online since 1999, and in print since 2003. You can contact me at mark at waterfallsofontario.com

About this Site

Over the past 20 years, the Waterfalls of Ontario project has helped thousands of people to discover the joy of waterfalling. The site is continuously improved with help from the Ontario waterfalling community.

This site complements the book published by Firefly Books (© Firefly Books 2003, 2011, 2018, 2022). Written by Harris and illustrated by award-winning photographer George Fischer, this book can help you to discover these special places, either in person or from the comforts of home.

This is the 7th generation of this web site. It was first uploaded in 2021 as a replacement for the 6th generation site released in 2018. The first web site, "Waterfalls of Southern Ontario", went live in 1999. Waterfallsofontario.com was registered in 2011.

No Trespassing Allowed

This site does not knowingly provide photos or directions to waterfalls that you aren't allowed to visit.

Mistakes Happen: If you see a waterfall that should not be included here due to private property, please send an email to mark at waterfallsofontario.com It is against this project's policy to publish directions that require unlawful access.

High Falls at Bracebridge


This web site keeps growing because of the contributions of literally hundreds of members of the Ontario waterfalling community. Since 1999, countless tips, corrections and photos have been provided by site users, book readers, and the 30,000+ members of our Facebook group. Thanks to EACH OF YOU!

Technical support from Dan Good was invaluable during the development of this web site. Darlene Munro provided some design elements, and I received many useful comments from the Facebook Moderator Team. Anneke van Dyk provided design advice. Jeff Dingwell provided guidance for the 6th generation site.

Over the past few years, the Facebook Group associated with this project has grown dramatically. It has provided an enormous amount of waterfall information, much of which is reflected on this site. I would like to thank our amazing moderator team: Ann Behnke, Anneke van Dyk, Darlene Munro, David Reid, Gary Smith, LA Mabo, Russ Higgins, Sean Christopher and Shawn Brule. Thanks also to retired moderators John Bruce Leigh and Terry Lupton.

Yankee Falls near Algonquin Park

Image Contributors

If you browse this site you will see many photographs that have graciously provided by many, many dozens of people. For every photo that you see, there are information snippets that have be incorporated into the site's content. Hundreds of people have contributed to this project through the years.

The following is a (probably incomplete) list of just the people that have contributed images for use on this site. Thanks to anyone that I have missed, and just as many thanks to those of you that contributed information that may not be as obvious to the user.

Adam Correia, Alex Shik, Ali Ryder, Allan Webb, Allen Woodliffe, Amii Hache, Andrew Richfield, Angelo Garcia, Ann Hood, Anneke Van Dyk, Austin Bour, Barbara Kelly, Billy Wilson, Bob Stanlick, Bob Winter, Brad Jennings, Brian Couch, Brian Emblin, Brian Fisher, Bryan Couch, Chantel Denoyers, Charles Fraresso, Chris Schneider, Chris Wilbur, Christine North, Craig Dawson, Craig Martin,

Dan Good, Dan Lux, Dan Waldram, Darcy Ste Marie, Dark Forest Photographic, Darrell Richards, Dave Bailey, Dave de Jong, David Bates, David Carter, David Piano, David Reid, Dennis McCann, Derek Attewell, Don Hayward, Doug Grainger, Doug Harris, Doug Strom, Ed Lehming, Eric Troicky, Kawartha Whitewater Paddlers, Fisher Man, Frances Maas, Frances Sutton, Francine Ferguson, Gary Smith, Gord Collins, Harri Palm, Jane Bakker Baumgartz, Jason Nicol, Jay Kerr, Jeff McColl, Jeff Robinson, Jennifer Dinning, Jim Allin, Jim DuMaresq, Joe Dejong, Joe Ellis, Joe Hollick, Johanna Wandel, John Forsythe, John Hake, John Stager, Joseph Brann, Josh Chapman, Julian Briell, Julie Dyer,

Kaitlynn Daniel, Karen Limardi, Kathleen Sorenson, Kayak Ontario, Keith McDougall, Kelly McCaw, Kevin Daniel, Kevin Holley, Kevin Prentice, Kim Levert, Kim Moir, LA Mabo, Lance Dutchak, Larry Greenwalt, Leanne Scanlan, Leo Huang, Lesley Moll, Liza Broadbent, Lorna Handke, Lyndsey Carmichael, MacKenzie Henry, Mark Clement, Mark Harris, Martin Lamprecht, Neville Newman,

OttawaValleyWhereabouts, Pamela Beale, Pamela Dunsmore, Pat Gillies, Pat Jileson, Paul LaHaise, Percykins Joe, Rob Nichol, Robert Cochrane, Robert Dixon, Russ Kitchen, Sabrina Lebert, Shawn Brule, Shawn Mac, Shawn Medland, Shawn Moore, Stephanie Vuilleumier, Steve Jones, Tadeusz Liszka, Terry Lupton, Tim McKee, Tom Batiuk, Tom Forbes, Vicky Naumenko, Wanda Barry, William Martin

A short, biased history of waterfalling in Ontario

This long-winded article tells of the history of the 'Waterfalls of Ontario' project, as well that of waterfalling and waterfall appreciation in Ontario. A short, biased history of waterfalling in Ontario.

This page uploaded August 16, 2021. It replaces the earlier version, which can be seen at Archive.org