Waterfalls Of Ontario

   You must read the 'Terms of Use' before using this site...    Stay safe!    Don't trespass!    Pack it out!

   You must read the 'Terms of Use' before using this site...    Stay safe!    Don't trespass!    Pack it out!

The Waterfaller's Code

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"Freedom to explore comes with responsibilities"

Some of Ontario's waterfalls are busier than ever. We have begun to see closures and restrictions. We all need to do our part to keep them accessible for everyone!

1. Keep yourself safe

People have been injured and even DIED at Ontario's waterfalls. This limits our access to beautiful places like Albion Falls. Please read the safety page! If in doubt, stay out!

2. Keep yourself out of trouble

There are waterfalls that you aren't allowed to visit. Some property owners are tolerant, but that's their choice, not yours. Trespassing gives our hobby a bad name. This web site does not knowingly list sites on private property. If in doubt, stay out!

3. Respect your environment

Waterfalls can get lots of visitors and still look great for the next person. Please pack out your garbage. Also, please stay on the trail. Bare rock can be explored (if you are safe), but making new trails through the woods can quickly ruin a beautiful site.

4. Be courteous to others

Some waterfalls can get really busy on warm summer days. Even so, it only takes one uncourteous person to ruin a day out for someone else. Please just be kind to others and remember that this is supposed to be nature. Bonfires, beer, loud music and lawn chairs in the river ruin it for others.

Please read more on the Safety and Privacy page.

This page uploaded June 5, 2022. It replaces the earlier version, which can be seen at Archive.org