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Restricted and Private Waterfalls

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Waterfalls with Restrictions / Private Property

This list identifies waterfalls that are on private property, or, that have some restrictions for visiting. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to stay away from places where you are not allowed to be. In some places (eg. Hamilton) people are receiving $750 fines.

Show me the list

This web site, book and Facebook group do not knowingly guide visitors to waterfalls on private property. Some sites on public property that can normally be accessed may have parking limitations, admission charges, or no-go zones. Some are temporarily closed. This list is not guaranteed to be accurate. Conditions change.

Why can't I visit some of these places?

Trespassing on private property to see a waterfall is against the law. If you post a photo of the falls on social media, others will seek out the same spot. Waterfalls of Ontario wants nothing to do with encouraging people to trespass on private property.

Someone shouldn't be allowed to own a waterfall

We hear this argument all the time. It isn't valid. If a waterfall is surrounded by private property, you cannot access it. If a rare bird was spotted on your property, would you want dozens of bird photographers showing up in your back yard? Afterall... you don't own those birds do you.... See what I mean?

Why should I care about prohibited areas?

Some waterfalls have areas that are off-limits. This may be to protect YOU or to protect the natural environment. In recent years, the number of prohibited areas has increased dramatically. This is because more and more people are ignoring warnings, trashing sites, or endangering their safety.

Property owners (including conservation authorities and municipalities) are becoming worried about being sued. The only way for them to protect themselves is to specifically block off some locations. The more people that go where they shouldn't, the more likely that a site will be closed. Please do your part to keep our waterfalls accessible

Waterfall Restriction
Albion FallsGorge access prohibited
Balls FallsAdmission charge
Balls Falls, UpperAdmisison charge
Belfountain FallsClosed 2021, maintenance
Beckett Creek FallsPrivate property
Burleigh Falls Temp closure possible, 2021, overuse
Buttermilk FallsPrivate land below falls near lake
Canning FallsPrivate Property
Cataract FallsAdmission charge
Cataract FallsGorge access prohibited
Chedoke FallsAccess prohibited, lots of fines
Crowe Bridge RapidsClosed 2021, overuse
Decew Falls LowerTrail temporarily closed
Dore FallsPrivate property
Eugenia FallsAdmission charge
Eugenia FallsGorge access prohibited
Everton CascadePrivate property
Fagan's FallsPrivate Property
Fuller FallsPrivate Property
Hayward FallsPrivate Property
Healey FallsTemp closure possible 2021, overuse
Hilton FallsReservations required
Hilton FallsAdmission charge
Hornings MillsPrivate property, roadside view only
Indian FallsNo winter access
Indian FallsGorge access prohibited
Inglis FallsAdmission charge
Inglis FallsGorge access prohibited
Lavender FallsPrivate Property
Limehouse RapidsLimited parking available
Meshaw fallsLimited view from start of bridge only. Private.
Mill Falls, AncasterPrivate, some access tolerated
Mill Falls, AlmontePrivate Property, roadside view only
Mystery FallsNot welcome to be included on this site
Oxenden FallsPrivate Property
Prince Edward County waterfallsAlmost all private.
Ranney FallsTemp closure possible, overuse
Rock Glen FallsAdmission charge
Rosseau Falls, LowerPrivate property, roadside view only
Sauble FallsAdmission charge
Sherman FallsPrivate property, view from distance only.
Smokey Hollow FallsGorge access prohibited
Stephanie FallsPrivate Property
Terra Cotta FallsAdmisison charge
Tews FallsReservations required
Tews FallsLimited parking available
Three Brothers FallsPrivate Property, canoe access only
The ChutesAdmission charge
Tiffany FallsAdmission charge
Tiffany FallsLimited parking available
Wahoosh FallsCompletely fenced off
Walters FallsPrivate Property, Inn guests only
Washboard FallsLimited access, private property
Waterdown FallsLimited parking available
Waterdown FallsGorge access prohibited
Websters FallsAdmisison charge
Websters FallsLimited parking available
Websters FallsNo Gorge Access
White Pine ChutePrivate property, roadside view only
Yarker FallsPrivate property, roadside view only

This page uploaded September 3, 2021.