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To be fair, there are cottages and "camps" all over Ontario. But the number of cottages (and cottagers) in this region is greater than anywhere else, owing to its proximity to Toronto. Water is everywhere, and so are good waterfalls to explore!

Unlike the falls around Hamilton and the GTA, most waterfalls in Cottage Country are not vertical. Some are just steep whitewater. But with thousands of lakes in the area, there's always lots of water to keep them flowing year round, and they are just as fun to explore.

A good cluster of decent falls are easily accessed around the Bracebridge area. The highlight is probably High Falls. While there is no shortage of easily accessible falls, there are also lots that are only accessible after a modest canoe or boat ride.

If you are new to Ontario, be sure to avoid driving to this area on summer Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons. The road network is very good, but it simply can't handle the masses of people trying to get between their cottage and Toronto on the weekend.

Featured Waterfalls

Bala Falls
Big Chute
Bingham Chute
Bracebridge Falls
Brooks Falls
Bunny Trail Falls
Burks Falls
Buttermilk Falls
Clark Falls
Cody Rapids
Crozier Falls
Curtain Chute
Dee Bank Falls
Drag River Rapids
Elliott Falls
Fairy Falls
Fenelon Falls
Flynn Rapids
Furnace Falls
Gooderham Falls
Hanna Chute
Hardy Lake Falls
Hatchery Falls
High Falls on Muskoka
High Falls on York
High Falls on York Lower
Hogs Trough
Hurdville Spillway
Island Portage Falls
Kawartha Highlands Falls 1
Kinmount Cascade
Knoefli Falls
Laughlin Falls
Little Falls on Severn
Little High Falls
Long Slide
Marshs Falls
Matthiasville Falls
May Chute
McDonald River Falls
Minnehaha Falls on Skeleton
Moon Falls
Moon Falls Upper
Muskoka Falls
Mye River Cascade
North Loon Lake Falls
Old Man River Falls
Peterson Falls
Port Severn Rapids
Port Sydney Slide
Potts Falls
Rackety Falls
Ragged Falls
Recollet Falls
Ritchie Falls
Rosseau Falls Lower
Rosseau Falls Upper
Six Mile Channel Cascade
South River Cascade
Stirling Falls
Stubbs Falls
Tim Rd Cascade
Twin Rapids
Vankoughnet Falls
Victoria Falls
Wasdell Falls
Whites Falls
Wilsons Falls

Waterfall Inventory

Waterfall Near Size Rating Map
Haliburton County
Brandy FallsGun LakeRemoteDirections
BuckslidesPeterson CornerModerateDirections
Buttermilk FallsButtermilk FallsModerateDirections
Drag River RapidsGelertChallengingDirections
Elliott FallsNorlandModerateDirections
Furnace FallsFurnace FallsEasyDirections
Gooderham FallsGooderhamModerateDirections
Gut RapidsKennawayRemoteDirections
High Falls on YorkKennawayModerateDirections
High Falls on York LowerKennawayModerateDirections
Kennisis Log FlumeLittle Hawk LakeunknownDirections
Kinmount CascadeKinmountEasyDirections
Long SlideDorsetModerateDirections
Minden Whitewater PreserveMindenunknownDirections
Nunikani FallsLittle Hawk LakeRemoteDirections
Rackety FallsDeep BayEasyDirections
Ragged FallsOxtongue LakeModerateDirections
Ritchie FallsLochlinunknownDirections
Big EddyCooper's FallsunknownDirections
Kawartha Lakes
Fenelon FallsFenelon FallsEasyDirections
Kawartha Highlands Falls 1WaterDirections
Ragged Rapids on BlackRagged RapidsRemoteDirections
Victoria FallsRagged RapidsDifficultDirections
Bala FallsBalaEasyDirections
Big ChuteBig ChuteEasyDirections
Big Eddy RapidsSahanatienRemoteDirections
Bracebridge FallsBracebridgeEasyDirections
Bullhead FallsTrethewey's FallsRemoteDirections
Bunny Trail FallsBoakviewModerateDirections
Clark FallsWindermereRemoteDirections
Crozier FallsPurbrookRemoteDirections
Curtain ChuteDock SidingRemoteDirections
Dee Bank FallsDee BankModerateDirections
Distress ChuteBrooks MillsRemoteDirections
Duck ChutesSpringdale ParkunknownDirections
Fairy FallsBaysvilleRemoteDirections
Flat Rock RapidsPotters LandingRemoteDirections
Flynn RapidsBracebridgeModerateDirections
Go Home ChuteGo HomeRemoteDirections
Gravel FallsOxtongue LakeRemoteDirections
Hanna ChuteMuskoka FallsChallengingDirections
Hardy Lake FallsTorranceRemoteDirections
Hatchery FallsUllswaterModerateDirections
High Falls on MuskokaBracebridgeEasyDirections
Hogs TroughDwightunknownDirections
Island Portage FallsRoderickRemoteDirections
Kashe River CascadeKashe LakeModerateDirections
Little High FallsBracebridgeModerateDirections
Marshs FallsDwightWater OnlyDirections
Matthiasville FallsMattiasvilleModerateDirections
May ChuteFraserburgModerateDirections
McCutcheons FallsVankoughnetEasyDirections
McDonald River FallsCrooked BayModerateDirections
Minnehaha Falls on SkeletonUllswaterChallengingDirections
Moon FallsMoon RiverRemoteDirections
Moon Falls UpperunknownDirections
Muskoka FallsMuskoka FallsModerateDirections
Mye River CascadeBig ChuteModerateDirections
North Loon Lake FallsGravenhurstModerateDirections
Peterson FallsVankoughnetunknownDirections
Port Sydney SlidePort SydneyEasyDirections
Potts FallsBracebridgeEasyDirections
Pretty Channel RapidsBig ChuteRemoteDirections
Rosseau Falls LowerRosseau FallsModerateDirections
Rosseau Falls UpperRosseauModerateDirections
Sandy Gray RapidsPotters LandingRemoteDirections
Shingle Mill RapidsRemoteDirections
Six Mile Channel CascadeWhite's FallsModerateDirections
Slater FallsFraserburgunknownDirections
Stubbs FallsHuntsvilleModerateDirections
Three Rock ChuteCrooked BayRemoteDirections
Vankoughnet FallsVankoughnetModerateDirections
Whites FallsBig ChuteEasyDirections
Wilsons FallsBracebridgeunknownDirections
Beverages Creek Dam SpillwayEasyDirections
Big Pine RapidsWolseley BayRemoteDirections
Parry Sound District
Bingham ChutePowassanEasyDirections
Blue ChuteWolseley BayRemoteDirections
Broadbent FallsBroadbentunknownDirections
Brooks FallsEmsdaleEasyDirections
Burks FallsBurk's FallsEasyDirections
Cascade Street Dam SpillwayParry SoundEasyDirections
Chapmans ChuteNipissingRemoteDirections
Chaudiere Rapids LowerDokisEasyDirections
Cody RapidsMaple IslandEasyDirections
Davidson ChuteTrout CreekRemoteDirections
Dogfish River Trib FallsunknownDirections
Duck Lake ChuteOrrvilleModerateDirections
Five Fingers Rapids on FrenchWolseley BayRemoteDirections
Freeman ChuteTrout CreekRemoteDirections
Geisler ChuteTrout CreekunknownDirections
Harris Lake Road FallsHarris LakeunknownDirections
Horseshoe FallsCantin Island, French River IR 13unknownDirections
Hurdville SpillwayHurdvilleEasyDirections
Knoefli FallsChikopiEasyDirections
Liley ChuteFrench River PPRemoteDirections
MacIndoo Falls-unknownDirections
McCrae Lake Outlet CascadeHoney HarbourRemoteDirections
McNab ChuteNipissingRemoteDirections
Old Man River FallsPort AnsonModerateDirections
Poverty Bay ChutesChikopiunknownDirections
Ragged Rapids on ManitouwabinHurdvillePrivate.Directions
Recollet FallsBon AirModerateDirections
Restoule FallsRestouleModerateDirections
Second Bridge RapidsDokisEasyDirections
Seguin River Falls 1Seguin Estates RdunknownDirections
Seguin River Falls 2Parry SoundEasyDirections
Seller RapidsAhmic HarbourRemoteDirections
South River CascadeSouth RiverEasyDirections
Still River FallsunknownDirections
Stirling FallsStirling FallsRoadside OnlyDirections
Stovepipe RapidsunknownDirections
Thirty Dollar RapidsunknownDirections
Thompson RapidsBurk's FallsEasyDirections
Three Snye RapidsunknownDirections
Tim Rd CascadeSand LakeunknownDirections
Truisler ChuteTrout CreekunknownDirections
Twin RapidsRemoteDirections
Whitestone Lake ChuteWhitestoneunknownDirections
The Gorge FallsLynch LakeunknownDirections
Simcoe County
Laughlin FallsMount StephenEasyDirections
Little Falls on SevernLittle FallsEasyDirections
Matchedash Portage CascadeRemoteDirections
Port Severn RapidsPort SevernEasyDirections
Wasdell FallsWasdell FallsModerateDirections

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