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In general, waterfalls in this region are smaller and less impressive than those in other regions. But one thing that that stands out is that many more of the waterfalls are accompanied by picturesque old mills, old bridges, or dam ruins. This makes exploring just as much fun, even if the falls themselves are less impressive.

Very small falls like Balaclava Rapids, Babcock Mill, or Second Chute are next to picturesque old mills that help to make a great picture. Same with Pakenham Falls, set just downstream from Canada's only 5-span stone bridge.

If you're after raw, rugged powerful falls, you can still find these at the Hogs Back Falls in Ottawa, Healey Falls, or Egan Chute. Just be sure to manage your expections during a dry summer, as flows can decrease significantly. There are also some lesser-known surprises like The Gut, Cordova Falls, and Princess Louise Falls in Orleans.

Featured Waterfalls

Anstruther Falls
Appleton Rapids
Arklan Rapids
Babcock Mill Cascade
Balaclava Rapids
Bedford Mills Cascade
Belleville Rapids
Blakeney Rapids
Bonnechere Falls
Brewers Mills Cascade
Burleigh Falls
Buttermilk Falls on Salmon
Callaghans Rapids
Carleton Place Rapids
Chaudiere Falls
Chisholms Mills Cascade
Cordova Falls Lower
Cordova Falls Middle
Cordova Falls Upper
Crowe Bridge Rapids
Egan Chute
Fifth Chute
Flinton Falls
Fourth Chute
Galetta Falls
Grand Falls on Mississippi
Haultain Cascade
Healey Falls
High Falls at Bancroft
High Falls on Eels
High Falls on Papineau
High Falls on Skootamatta
High Falls on South Nation
Jellys Rapids
Kingston Mills Falls
Marble Rapids on Eels
Marble Rapids on Mississippi
McArthur Falls
Middle Falls on Trent
Mill Falls on Mississippi
Napanee Falls
Neuman Falls
Newburgh Falls
North River Cascade
Ohara Mill Spillway
Old Slys Locks Cascade
Pakenham Falls
Parham Mill Falls
Port Hope Rapids
Price Rapids
Princess Louise Falls
Ranney Falls
Rideau Falls
Second Chute
Sheffield Cascade
Tay Rapids
The Gut
The Hogs Back
Third Chute
Warsaw Caves Falls
Yarker Falls

Waterfall Inventory

Waterfall Near Size Rating Map
Frontenac County
Bedford Mills Cascade44.6045Roadside OnlyDirections
Brewers Mills Cascade44.389ModerateDirections
Kings Chute44.9349RemoteDirections
Kings Falls44.9384unknownDirections
Kingston Mills Falls44.2934EasyDirections
Marble Rapids44.8433ModerateDirections
Otter Rapids44.9403RemoteDirections
Parham Mill Falls44.6534EasyDirections
Ragged Chute44.9404RemoteDirections
Station Road Cascade44.9406?Directions
Whitefish Rapids44.8419unknownDirections
Hastings County
Belleville Rapids44.1865EasyDirections
Big Chute45.1086RemoteDirections
Callaghans Rapids44.4413ModerateDirections
Chainy Lake Falls45.3438ModerateDirections
Chisholms Mills Cascade44.353EasyDirections
Egan Chute45.0748ModerateDirections
Farm Chute45.0832ChallengingDirections
High Falls near Birds Cr45.1182unknownDirections
High Falls on Papineau45.2841ModerateDirections
High Falls on Skootamata44.5646RemoteDirections
Jelly Rapids44.7525unknownDirections
McArthur Falls45.1265Roadside OnlyDirections
Moffat Pond Falls45.2112RemoteDirections
Neuman Falls45.2578Roadside OnlyDirections
Ohara Mill Spillway44.5177ModerateDirections
Price Rapids44.5486ModerateDirections
Robinson Falls45.2854RemoteDirections
Stash Falls44.5687WaterDirections
The Big Chute45.1087RemoteDirections
The Gut44.7502ModerateDirections
Triplebee Falls44.6531RemoteDirections
Vanderwater Cascade44.3796ModerateDirections
Lanark County
Arklan Rapids45.1436EasyDirections
Blakeney Rapids45.2679ModerateDirections
Carleton Place Rapids45.1414EveryoneDirections
Grand Falls on Mississippi45.2258EasyDirections
Mill Falls on Mississippi45.229Roadside OnlyDirections
Old Slys Locks Cascade44.8919ModerateDirections
Smiths Falls44.8972EasyDirections
Tay Rapids44.8988EveryoneDirections
Leeds and Grenville County
Jones Falls Waste Weir44.5476Jones FallsDirections
Lennox and Addington County
Babcock Mill Cascade44.2727EasyDirections
Buttermilk Falls Salmon River44.3344ModerateDirections
Crooked Slide45.3835unknownDirections
Flinton Falls44.6931EasyDirections
Millhaven Falls44.1962Private.Directions
Napanee Falls44.2503EasyDirections
Newburgh Falls44.3246EasyDirections
Sheffield Cascade44.5591ModerateDirections
Yarker Falls44.3711Roadside OnlyDirections
Northumberland County
Crowe Bridge Rapids44.3808ModerateDirections
Healey Falls44.3769EasyDirections
Middle Falls on Trent44.3349EasyDirections
Port Hope Rapids43.9506EasyDirections
Ranney Falls44.2949ModerateDirections
Ottawa-Carlton County
Cardinal Creek Falls45.4855unknownDirections
Chaffeys Lock Cascade44.579EasyDirections
Chaudiere FallsOttawa-CarletonModerateDirections
Fitzroy Cascade45.4786unknownDirections
Fitzroy Falls45.4874unknownDirections
Galetta Falls45.4254Roadside OnlyDirections
Princess Louise Falls45.4865unknownDirections
Rideau Falls45.4414EveryoneDirections
The Hogs Back45.3712EasyDirections
Peterborough County
Anstruther Falls44.7777RemoteDirections
Burleigh Falls44.5564EasyDirections
Copper Lake Falls44.7777WaterDirections
Cordova Falls Lower44.5515ModerateDirections
Cordova Falls Middle44.556ModerateDirections
Cordova Falls44.5574ModerateDirections
Haultain Cascade44.6151Roadside OnlyDirections
High Falls near Apsley44.8036RemoteDirections
High Falls on Eels44.5978ChallengingDirections
Marble Rapids on Eels44.7656EasyDirections
Mississauga Cascade44.6745unknownDirections
North River Cascade44.5057ModerateDirections
Perrys Creek Cascade44.5613ModerateDirections
Rathburn to Anstruther44.7707ModerateDirections
South Eels Creek Cascade44.5869unknownDirections
Three Tears Rapids44.6073RemoteDirections
Warsaw Caves Dry Falls44.4619ModerateDirections
Prescott and Russell County
High Falls on South45.3211ModerateDirections
Renfrew County
Aumonds Rapids45.2809unknownDirections
Balaclava Rapids45.3898EasyDirections
Bisset Creek Rapids46.1836DifficultDirections
Bonnechere Falls45.5016ModerateDirections
Exam Time Rapids45.2353RemoteDirections
Fifth Chute45.5355ModerateDirections
First Chute45.8573RemoteDirections
Fourth Chute45.5042EasyDirections
Grants Creek Falls46.1959unknownDirections
Highland Falls45.2529RemoteDirections
Island Rapids45.2408RemoteDirections
Jacks Chute45.6748unknownDirections
Old Killaloe Cascade45.5352unknownDirections
Pakenham Falls45.3362EveryoneDirections
Rifle Chute45.2338RemoteDirections
Second Chute45.7772EasyDirections
Sheedy Creek Falls46.2178DifficultDirections
Slate Falls45.2359RemoteDirections
Split Rock Rapids on Madawaska45.2294RemoteDirections
Third Chute45.5085unknownDirections

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