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To my knowledge, there are no natural waterfalls within the city of Toronto. But there are a number of them just outside the city, and way more if you are willing to drive for up to an hour and a half or so. There are more than 100 within the city of Hamilton alone; so many that that area gets its own Hamilton Region page.

The best waterfalls in the Golden Horseshoe are found the Niagara area. Highlights such as Balls Falls,Upper and Lower Decew Falls, and Rockway Falls should be on everyone's list. And there are more ways to explore Niagara Falls than being the 3 billionth person to look over the fence.

A bunch of smaller falls are scattered to the west of Toronto, including some pretty little sites in Halton Region and beyond. Most of them are a little underwhelming, but finding them can still be a fun afternoon. Hilton Falls and The Cataract at Forks of the Credit are both much bigger and offer a great family hike. An outing to Elora is great for exploring in the Elora Gorge, and offers a fun shopping/dining experience afterwards.

Featured Waterfalls

Balls Falls
Balls Falls Upper
Beamer Falls
Beamer Falls Lower
Beamer Side Falls
Belfountain Falls
Cataract Falls
Decew Falls
Decew Falls Lower
East 18 Mile Falls
Elora Gorge Falls
Faucet Falls
Fergus Cascade
Fruitland Road Falls
Hilton Falls
Konkle Falls
Limehouse Rapids
Little Elora Falls
Louth Falls
Lynn River Falls
Martins Falls
Midway Falls
Mossy Falls
Niagara Falls
North Eller Falls
Owls Creek Falls
Parkhill Rapids
Quarry Springs Falls
Raceway Falls
Rockway Falls
Rockwood Falls
Scout Falls
Silver Creek Falls
St Andrews Mill Cascade
Swayze Falls
Terra Cotta Falls
Terrace Falls
Thirty Road Falls
West 18 Mile Falls
Wahoosh Falls

Waterfall Inventory

Waterfall Near Size Rating Map
Halton Region
Hilton Falls43.5094ModerateDirections
Limehouse Rapids43.6366ModerateDirections
Owls Creek Falls43.6862ModerateDirections
Silver Creek Falls43.6909EasyDirections
Terra Cotta Falls43.7192ModerateDirections
Niagara Region
Balls Falls43.1343EveryoneDirections
Balls Falls Upper43.1277ModerateDirections
Beamer Falls43.1834EasyDirections
Beamer Falls Lower43.1837ChallengingDirections
Beamer Side Falls43.1867EasyDirections
Decew Falls43.1105EasyDirections
Decew Falls Lower43.1104ChallengingDirections
East Eighteen Mile Creek Falls43.131ChallengingDirections
Faucet Falls43.1109ChallengingDirections
Fruitland Road Falls43.2055ModerateDirections
Konkle Creek Falls43.15302ModerateDirections
Louth Falls43.1245ModerateDirections
Louth Falls, Upper43.1218ModerateDirections
Martins Falls43.1116ModerateDirections
Middle Eighteen Mile Creek Falls43.132ChallengingDirections
Midway Falls43.0995DifficultDirections
Mossy Falls43.10026DifficultDirections
Niagara Falls43.0773EveryoneDirections
North Eller Falls43.0929DifficultDirections
Quarry Springs Falls43.14078ModerateDirections
Raceway Falls43.1082ModerateDirections
Rockway Falls43.1111ModerateDirections
Lower Scout Cascade43.10188ModerateDirections
Scout Falls43.1011ModerateDirections
Lower Scout Falls43.101882ModerateDirections
Swayze Falls43.0928EasyDirections
Terrace Falls43.0956ModerateDirections
Thirty Road Falls43.1682ModerateDirections
West Eighteen Mile Creek Falls43.1361EasyDirections
Norfolk County
Lynn River Falls42.799Roadside OnlyDirections
Peel Region
Belfountain Falls43.7938EveryoneDirections
Cataract Falls43.8213ModerateDirections
Wahoosh Falls43.55343ModerateDirections
Waterloo Region
Devils Creek Falls43.3751EasyDirections
Devils Creek Falls West43.3761ChallengingDirections
Parkhill Rapids43.3637EasyDirections
Wellington County
Elora Gorge Falls43.6809EasyDirections
Fergus Cascade43.7049EasyDirections
Irvine Creek Cascade43.6936EasyDirections
Little Elora Falls43.6769ModerateDirections
Rockwood Falls43.6108EasyDirections
St Andrews Mill Cascade43.7111ModerateDirections

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