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Through the hard work of many dedicated waterfall fans, Hamilton has been branded as the 'City of Waterfalls.' With well over 100 waterfalls within the municipal boundary, there are enough great sites to fill several weekends full of waterfalling. And you can even reach some by city bus!

Unfortunately, the waterfalls in Hamilton are extremely busy. Access to the bottoms of Albion, Websters and Waterdown Falls are strictly prohibited, and you can get a big fine. Please follow the rules; rule-breakers and careless visitors are the reason these places have been restricted. Chedoke Falls is completely off limits. Try to avoid summer weekends or holidays.

Some people have gone so far as to claim that Hamilton is 'The Waterfall Capital of the World.' To be honest, this is debatable. For example, there is strong competition coming from Ithaca, NY, just a few hundred kilometres to the east.

You should also be aware that many of the waterfalls in Hamilton are very small, and/or dry up for much of the year. They are still waterfalls, and great photos can be made at the right time of year. But once you get past the best 2 or 3 dozen, many people will be disappointed. (eg. see Dyment Falls or Erland Falls or West Iroquoia Falls). Still, there is nowhere else in Ontario with this concentration of waterfalls, giving it good bang for your buck.

Featured Waterfalls

Albion Falls
Billy Greens Falls
Billy Monkley Cascade
Borers Falls
Buttermilk Falls in Hamilton
Canterbury Falls
Cliffview Falls
Cliffview Falls Lower
Darnley Cascade
Devils Punchbowl
Devils Punchbowl Lower
Dundas Falls
Dyment Falls
Erland Falls
Felkers Cascade
Felkers Falls
Glendale Falls
Hermitage Cascade
Little Davis Falls
McNeilly West Falls
Mill Falls on Ancaster
Mountview Falls
Princess Falls
Princess Falls Upper
Scenic Falls
Sherman Falls
Snake Falls
Sugar Shack Falls
Sydenham Falls
Taro Falls
Tews Falls
Tews Falls Lower
Tiffany Falls
Waterdown Falls
Websters Falls
West Iroquoia Falls
Westcliffe Falls
Westcliffe Falls Lower

Waterfall Inventory

Waterfall Near Size Rating Map
Albion Falls43.2004EasyDirections
Ancaster Heights Falls43.2397ModerateDirections
Billy Greens Falls43.2072ChallengingDirections
Billy Monkley Cascade43.1904EasyDirections
Borers Falls43.2938EasyDirections
Buttermilk Falls, Hamilton43.2053EasyDirections
Canterbury Falls43.237ModerateDirections
Cliffview Falls43.2443ChallengingDirections
Cliffview Falls Lower43.2457ModerateDirections
Darnley Cascade43.2772EasyDirections
Devils Punchbowl43.2103EasyDirections
Devils Punchbowl Lower43.2114ModerateDirections
Dundas Falls43.273unknownDirections
Dyment Falls43.2781ModerateDirections
Erland Falls43.2074DifficultDirections
Felkers Cascade43.202ModerateDirections
Felkers Falls43.2035EasyDirections
Fifty Road Falls43.1955ModerateDirections
Glendale Falls43.2029ModerateDirections
Glover Falls43.2089ModerateDirections
Heritage Falls43.24ModerateDirections
Hermitage Cascade43.2364ModerateDirections
Little Canterbury Falls43.2369ModerateDirections
Little Davis Falls43.2067EasyDirections
Little Falls, Hamilton43.2395ModerateDirections
McNeilly West Falls43.2024ModerateDirections
Mill Falls on Ancaster43.234EasyDirections
Mineral Springs Falls43.2364unknownDirections
Mountview Falls43.2455ModerateDirections
Princess Falls43.2458unknownDirections
Princess Falls, Upper43.246EasyDirections
Quarry Cascade43.3128ModerateDirections
Rock Chapel Falls43.291ModerateDirections
Rousseaux Cascade43.2311ChallengingDirections
Sanitorium Falls43.2449ModerateDirections
Scenic Falls43.2442ModerateDirections
Sherman Falls43.2381ModerateDirections
Snake Falls43.3262unknownDirections
Steven's Falls43.2604unknownDirections
Sugar Shack Falls43.2824ModerateDirections
Sydenham Falls43.2748ModerateDirections
Taro Falls43.2047ChallengingDirections
Tews Falls43.2807EasyDirections
Tews Falls, Lower43.2782DifficultDirections
Tiffany Falls43.2382ModerateDirections
Troy Falls43.2613Roadside OnlyDirections
Waterdown Falls43.3305EasyDirections
Websters Falls43.2762EasyDirections
West Iroquoia Falls43.2442DifficultDirections
West McNeilly Falls43.2034ModerateDirections
Westcliffe Falls43.2454ChallengingDirections
Westcliffe Falls, Lower43.2457ModerateDirections

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