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This is a big region, with big drives and big waterfalls! It doesn't get the same attention as the northwest region because it's just a little out of the way. This can be a good thing, though, as many of the falls are unspoiled.

The road network is good - just be sure to keep gas in your tank. Highway 17 cuts through the southern edge of this region, and provides easy access to some top-notch sites like Onaping Falls , Eau Claire Gorge Falls , Duchesnay Falls, and The Chutes. Just one overnight stay from Toronto or Ottawa.

For a more memorable trip, plan a trip north from North Bay to Timmins and back. Good paved roads give access to provincial highlights like Kapkigiwan Falls and Grassy High Falls . Along the way there are other little-known gems like Pete's Dam Falls and Opishing Falls.

Featured Waterfalls

Aide Creek Rapids
Bridal Veil Falls
Cascade Falls
Charlton Dam Spillway
Conniston Falls Lower
Conniston Falls Upper
Crooked Chute
Duchesnay Falls
Eau Claire Gorge
Espanola Spillway
Fairbanks Creek Falls
Fourth Falls
Grassy High Falls
Groundhog Falls
High Falls on Francis
Ivanhoe Third Falls
Kaneki Lake Falls
Kapkigiwan Falls
Kenogamissi Falls
Larchwood Cascade
Lorne Falls
McVittries Dam Spillway
Meshaw Falls
Mindemoya Cascade
Moore Creek Falls
Moose Creek Falls
Nairn Falls
New Post Falls
North Tea Falls
Onaping Falls
Opishing Falls
Oxtongue River Rapids
Paradise Lagoon Falls
Paresseaux Falls
Petes Dam
Provoking Falls
Sheguiandah Falls
Sylvia Chutes
The Chutes
The Ladders
Togo Rapids
Twin Falls Lower
Twin Falls Upper
White Pine Chute
Whitefish Falls
Whitney Rapids
Windy Lake Falls
Yellow Falls
Zeverly Rapids

Waterfall Inventory

Waterfall Near Size Rating Map
Cochrane District
Aide Creek Rapids47.9029EasyDirections
Big Beaver Falls49.29953Directions
Big Beaver Rapids49.45466RemoteDirections
Charlton Dam Spillway47.8102EasyDirections
Grassy High Falls48.2789ModerateDirections
High Falls on Nagagami49.8012RemoteDirections
Island Falls49.1374RemoteDirections
Kaneki Lake Falls48.1004RemoteDirections
Kapkigiwan Falls47.7962ModerateDirections
Kettle Falls49.7864Directions
New Post Falls49.9929ChallengingDirections
Opishing Falls48.2414ModerateDirections
Pond Falls49.2346RemoteDirections
Potvin Chute48.3794RemoteDirections
Sandy Falls48.5118unknownDirections
Sharp Rock Rapids49.4662RemoteDirections
Sylvia Chutes48.31063ModerateDirections
Thunder House Falls50.0523RemoteDirections
Wawaitan Falls48.3446unknownDirections
White Otter Falls49.21959unknownDirections
Yellow Falls49.12279RemoteDirections
Zeverly Rapids48.8635EasyDirections
Manitoulin District
Bad River Rapids45.9391RemoteDirections
Bear Chutes46.0859RemoteDirections
Beaverstone Bay Falls46.00143RemoteDirections
Bridal Veil Falls on Kagawong45.901EasyDirections
Dalles Rapids45.9695RemoteDirections
Devil Door Rapids45.937RemoteDirections
Five Fingers Rapids46.1005RemoteDirections
Freeland-to-Killarney Falls46.0436WaterDirections
High Falls on Francis45.7998EasyDirections
Lover's Lane45.9434RemoteDirections
Mahzenazing Cascade46.0045RemoteDirections
Mindemoya Cascade45.7349EasyDirections
Sheguiandah Falls45.8948EasyDirections
Sturgeon Chutes46.069RemoteDirections
Nipissing District
Blueberry Falls45.9559RemoteDirections
Brigham Chute45.8865RemoteDirections
Carcajou Falls45.8331unknownDirections
Cedar Lake Falls46.0051RemoteDirections
Corner Creek Rapids45.9733ModerateDirections
Crooked Chute46.2741EasyDirections
Crooked Chute46.0644RemoteDirections
Devils Cellar Rapids45.95019RemoteDirections
Duchesnay Falls46.3358ModerateDirections
Eau Claire Gorge46.2559ModerateDirections
Free Flow Channel46.1426RemoteDirections
Galipo River Falls45.4333RemoteDirections
Gravelle Chute46.1464unknownDirections
High Chute45.5087unknownDirections
High Falls on Barron45.8587RemoteDirections
High Falls on Little Bonnechere45.7199RemoteDirections
High Falls on Nipissing45.905RemoteDirections
Laurel Lake Falls46.0569RemoteDirections
MacDonald rapids45.9501DifficultDirections
Madawaska Area Falls45.4848unknownDirections
Moore Creek Falls45.48737Water OnlyDirections
North Tea Falls45.9718RemoteDirections
Observatory Rapids45.9599unknownDirections
Oxtongue River RapidsunknownDirections
Palmer Rapids45.3293unknownDirections
Paresseaux Falls46.3019RemoteDirections
Pen-to-Rock Falls45.4784RemoteDirections
Provoking Falls45.5674ModerateDirections
Rollaway Rapids46.0489RemoteDirections
Sandy Falls46.3964unknownDirections
Shirley-to-Crotch Falls45.6694RemoteDirections
Talon Chute46.2824RemoteDirections
Tim River Falls45.7338RemoteDirections
Twin Falls, AlgonquinNipissingRemoteDirections
Whitney Rapids45.49435unknownDirections
Sudbury District
Camus Rapids48.26156RemoteDirections
Cascade Falls46.4349unknownDirections
Centre Falls47.2947RemoteDirections
Chartrand Corners Falls46.1343unknownDirections
Conglomerate Chute47.2768ModerateDirections
Conniston Falls Lower46.4744EasyDirections
Conniston Falls Upper46.4789ChallengingDirections
Duncan Chute46.4141RemoteDirections
Espanola Spillway46.27138ModerateDirections
Fairbanks Creek Falls46.402Directions
Frank Falls47.3059RemoteDirections
Glass Falls49.49533unknownDirections
Lower Goose Falls46.9373unknownDirections
Upper Goose Falls46.9699RemoteDirections
Gordon Chutes46.4989RemoteDirections
Graveyard Rapids46.65184unknownDirections
Groundhog Falls48.2377ModerateDirections
Harwood Lake Falls47.8671RemoteDirections
Helen Falls47.2913RemoteDirections
High Falls on Spanish46.3798RemoteDirections
Horwood Lake Falls47.8674RemoteDirections
Ivanhoe Chutes48.3915unknownDirections
Ivanhoe Third Falls48.6066RemoteDirections
Kamiskotia Lower Falls48.4088RemoteDirections
Kenogamissi Falls48.0135EasyDirections
Kettle Falls47.1114RemoteDirections
Larchwood Cascade46.5862EasyDirections
Lorne Falls46.3157Roadside OnlyDirections
Massey Chute46.214Roadside OnlyDirections
McVittries Dam Spillway46.2849unknownDirections
Meshaw Falls46.0484EasyDirections
Moose Creek Falls46.6357ModerateDirections
Mountjoy River Falls48.2177RemoteDirections
Nairn Falls46.3441EasyDirections
Onaping Falls46.5914ModerateDirections
Opikinimika Falls47.5281Directions
Paradise Lagoon Falls46.8297ChallengingDirections
Raney Lake Falls47.8107RemoteDirections
Sagamok Falls46.1163unknownDirections
Secord Falls46.3452unknownDirections
Spanish Chutes47.3247unknownDirections
Stony Rapids46.0442RemoteDirections
The Chutes46.2251ModerateDirections
The Ladders46.604875unknownDirections
Togo Rapids47.7369RemoteDirections
Wanapeita Hwy 537 Falls46.15565EasyDirections
White Pine Chute46.3691Roadside OnlyDirections
Whitefish Falls46.1166ModerateDirections
Windy Creek Falls46.62123ModerateDirections
Timiskaming District
First Falls47.91346RemoteDirections
Fourth Falls47.88501RemoteDirections
Matachewan Falls48.0405ModerateDirections
Pete's Dam47.5272ModerateDirections
Stuart's Rapids47.88969unknownDirections
Teddy's Falls47.87029unknownDirections

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