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This enormous region covers about half of the province and is largely inaccessible by road. But don't be discouraged! The drive along Hwy 17 to Thunder Bay is one of the most scenic in Ontario. Big, impressive waterfalls like Aguasabon Falls, Kakabeka Falls and High Falls on the Pigeon River are easy to access by paved roads.

For the most part, even the powerful waterfalls are untouched. There is a catch, as some have been dammed for hydroelectic power, and can suffer from low flow in summer. Just don't expect to see torrents in August! This is especially true at Kakabeka Falls: Sometimes it truly lives up to it's nickname of 'the Niagara of the North'; other times it certainly does not!

Most of the waterfalls that are featured below are easily accessible and have only a very short 'hike'. At the same time, there are waterfalls in this area that need a longer hike, such as Red Rock Falls. Others are accessible only by water or plane. Please be sure to double-check your directions and to not let your gas tank run low.

Featured Waterfalls

Aguasabon Falls
Aguasabon Falls Lower
Arrow Lake Falls
Arrow River Falls
Big Falls
Boulevard Lake Falls
Cedar Falls
Devils Cascade
Fishermans Falls
High Falls on Pigeon
Joe Creek Falls
Kakabeka Falls
Kinghorn Falls
Little Falls at Kakabeka
Manitou Falls
Middle Falls on Pigeon
Mink Creek Falls
Nestor Falls
Rainbow Falls
Raleigh Falls
Red Rock Falls
Schist Falls
Sevignys Creek Falls
The Cascades
Trowbridge Falls

Waterfall Inventory

Waterfall Near Size Rating Map
Kenora District
Beuabian Falls49.8469ModerateDirections
Big Falls50.9043EasyDirections
English River Falls49.93062Directions
High Falls Kenora50.9111RemoteDirections
Ingall Falls49.5603Directions
Lake of Two Rivers FallsunknownDirections
Mexican Hat Lake Falls50.8624RemoteDirections
Morgan Falls49.8223EasyDirections
Nestor Falls49.1154unknownDirections
Oak Falls50.4595RemoteDirections
Perrault Falls50.34428Directions
Raleigh Falls49.4726EasyDirections
Rushing River49.6829unknownDirections
Wabigoon River Falls49.92603EasyDirections
Wainwright Falls49.8217unknownDirections
Rainy River District
Bald Rock Falls48.3065RemoteDirections
Canyon Falls48.3179RemoteDirections
Chatterton Falls48.477RemoteDirections
Devil's Cascade48.9731ModerateDirections
High Falls Quetico48.4507DifficultDirections
Kennebas Falls48.3257RemoteDirections
Koko Falls48.3162Directions
Little Falls48.75269ModerateDirections
Louisa Falls48.1311RemoteDirections
Sand Island Falls48.8736RemoteDirections
Silver Falls, Quetico48.2319RemoteDirections
Split Rock Falls48.4545RemoteDirections
Sue Falls48.6572RemoteDirections
Trout River Falls48.8762RemoteDirections
Thunder Bay District
Aguasabon Falls48.7809EasyDirections
Aguasabon Falls Lower48.77375EasyDirections
Alexander Falls49.1348unknownDirections
Angler Falls48.6023unknownDirections
Arrow Lake Falls48.1641ModerateDirections
Arrow River Falls48.0376DifficultDirections
Boulevard Lake Falls48.4555unknownDirections
Cascade Falls on 1149.3332unknownDirections
Cascade Falls on Cascade48.1329unknownDirections
Cedar Falls48.363ModerateDirections
Charlie's Falls49.0452DifficultDirections
Chigamiwinigun Falls48.556unknownDirections
Chub Falls48.9144unknownDirections
Crooked Rapids48.6134EasyDirections
Dead Horse Creek Falls48.8148unknownDirections
Dog Falls48.6674ModerateDirections
Fishermans Falls48.4527EasyDirections
Five Twenty Seven Falls48.5547ModerateDirections
Gravel River Falls48.9242RemoteDirections
Pigeon River High Falls48.0048ModerateDirections
Horne Falls48.0064EasyDirections
Hume Falls48.4391unknownDirections
Jarvis River Falls43.1318RemoteDirections
Joe Creek Falls48.7998ModerateDirections
Kakabeka Falls48.4026EasyDirections
Kinghorn Falls49.7235ModerateDirections
Last Falls on Cypress48.9549RemoteDirections
Lenore Lake Falls48.0464unknownDirections
Lilttle Whitefish River Falls48.1785ModerateDirections
Little Falls, Kakabeka48.3916ModerateDirections
Long Rapids49.7175unknownDirections
MacIntyre Falls48.4394ModerateDirections
MacKenzie Falls48.5433unknownDirections
Manitou Falls49.2083RemoteDirections
Mazukama Creek Falls49.0122DifficultDirections
McGraw Falls48.5448ModerateDirections
Middle Falls on Cypress48.9685RemoteDirections
Middle Falls on Pigeon48.0127EasyDirections
Mink Creek Falls48.7693ModerateDirections
Moraine Creek Falls48.958RemoteDirections
Partridge Falls47.9946unknownDirections
Pearl Falls48.6374DifficultDirections
Pine River Falls48.0705unknownDirections
Rainbow Falls48.8467EasyDirections
Red Rock Falls48.9102DifficultDirections
Sam Falls49.0567DifficultDirections
Schist Falls48.0057RemoteDirections
Sevignys Creek Falls48.486ModerateDirections
Simple Pleasures Falls48.562ModerateDirections
Split Falls48.4483unknownDirections
The Cascades48.5ModerateDirections
Trowbridge Falls48.49EasyDirections
Twin Falls49.7423RemoteDirections
Umbata Falls48.5352RemoteDirections
Upper Falls on Cypress48.9999RemoteDirections

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