Waterfalls Of Ontario
Lower Aguasabon Falls
 Waterfalls for Persons with Mobility Challenges

These waterfalls are believed to be visible/accessible to those with serious mobiity challenges. This list was developed using input from our Facbook community of 35,000 waterfallers. We are 96% sure that these sites could be viewed by someone that uses a wheelchair to get around. You may not be able to get up close to all of them, but then again, neither can the rest of us! Some of the falls are visible from the roadside, even though other visitors may be able to get closer.

NOTE: Before driving a long distance to any of these waterfalls, please check ahead. This list is provided without guarantee... depending on your particular case, you may not be able to reach the falls. Why not ask the Facebook group? Someone is bound to be familiar with the site.

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