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About Rock Glen Gully Falls

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This messy, boulder-choked gully of a waterfall rarely flows. It may have meaninful flow only a few weeks of the year. It can be tough to get a proper photograph due to the landscape around it.

Why include a waterfall like this? Well, it exists, and anyone that does the great loop trail around the Rock Glen Conservation Area will come across it. Even if it entirely underwhelming, it is a great spot to stop and observe how geology works. This little creek has, over time, eroded away at the walls of the bigger valley already created by Rock Glen Falls.

What is interesting about this waterfall is that it is actually one of at least a dozen in the Ausable River valley. In a way, this area is analagous to the cluster of small waterfalls that we see in the Short Hills Provincial Park. The falls here, however, are mostly much smaller and even more seasonal.

Unfortunately, most of the others are located on private property, and even if they could be accessed, some of the hikes are quite lengthy. Maybe some day more of the valley will be made accessible for exploration.

Some Key Facts
Region Lake Huron
County Lambton
Near Arkona
Watercourse Unnamed Watercourse
Watershed / % Lakes 0 / 0%
Ownership Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority
Landscape Rural
Size Very Small
Type Step, boulders
Modification Natural
Access Moderate
Top / Bottom Easy to See / Difficult
Trail conditions Dirt, stairs, hills
Hiking Time 15 min
Coordinates 43.0852,-81.8187
Site ID WOO.LAM.003
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Finding Rock Glen Gully Falls


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Visiting Rock Glen Gully Falls

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